August 5th, 2016

The 2016 HRW harvest is winding down or complete in almost all production areas. Harvest progress continues to be well ahead of the normal average for this date. Warmer than normal climatic conditions have prevailed during the last half of the production cycle in all areas. Over the last 7 days harvest weather has been favorable in all areas still cutting with very few exceptions. Montana is now 75% complete with HRW harvest with areas in the northwest (just east of the mountains) and north central parts of the state lagging slightly behind in maturity due to higher moisture conditions during the final stages of crop development. Montana continues to report average yields with a wide range of proteins. Much of the crop in Montana is remaining on farm as several elevators are not currently receiving HRW in favor of other higher value crops and limited storage space availability. This limited space has forced lower protein wheat to ground piles at many locations when space becomes an issue.

There is little change in data this week as no new samples were submitted until late Thursday (Montana) for evaluation. There are currently 385 samples of an expected 530 currently in the lab in various stages of testing (321 included in testing TKW and FN). The only change this week was in TKW (31.8 g), this is down slightly from last week (32.0 g), but still very good as an overall average for the crop at this point.

Click link to download a PDF of theĀ PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 5 2016

**Partial (TKW and FN based 321 samples)

Harvest Summary