August 3rd, 2018

The 2018 HRW wheat harvest continues in full swing in Montana (33% complete), Washington (58% complete), Oregon (67% complete) and Idaho (27% complete). Cutting is now either complete or winding down quickly; Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado (100% complete), Nebraska (95% complete), Wyoming (75% complete) and South Dakota (91% complete).

Wyoming had some rain delays this week only moving harvest ahead by 10%. Wyoming expects to start harvesting irrigated wheat this weekend with current dryland yields in the 50 bu/ac range (3.4 tons/ha), but have been as low as 35 bu/ac (2.4 tons/ha) to as high as 80 bu/ac (5.4 tons/ha). Protein has ranged from 11% to 12%.

Montana’s HRW harvest, now 1/3 complete, is reporting very good test weight on wheat being delivered, with the overall average above 60 lb/bu (78.9 kg/hl). A few locations report seeing test weights above 64 lb/bu (84.1 kg/hl) . Additionally, protein reports continue to be very good averaging above 12% overall, with several locations reporting averages over 13%. Yields have been very good as well. The Montana HRW harvest has been progressing in reverse of the last several years with the northern ½ of the state now cutting wheat for almost 2 weeks (except for the far west area), while the southern ½ of the state is now either just now getting underway or still as much as two weeks away from harvest starting. Washington continue to report low moisture, very good test weight (63-64 lb/bu (82.8 – 84.1 kg/hl)), 11.1% protein and very good yields.

There is a lag of HRW harvest progress between the Great Plains (finishing ahead of the 5-year average), while in Montana and the Pacific Northwest harvest is (generally) behind the 5-year average, consequently there are no new samples (currently 378 of an expected 500 samples) in the lab this week.

Harvest Summary

Click the following link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 3 2018