August 31st, 2012

The 2012 HRW wheat harvest is now complete with the final 24 samples from North Dakota in transit to the lab for testing and evaluation.

Overall the 2012 HRW harvest can be characterized as one that was wide ranging in yields and protein. Most wheat producers were happy with final yields especially considering the extremes of 2011 which carried into 2012, but included timely moisture events that allowed average to above average yields with better protein than 2011 and the 5-year average.

With a small percentage of the samples still in the testing process the overall trend has been a 2012 crop with a better test weight average than 2011 and better than the 5-year average, while thousand kernel weight average below 2011 and the 5-year average. Dockage continued to be low, as it has been the past 3 years. Kernel moisture is lower than the 5-year average.

Testing to date show the 2012 crop with Alveograph P-value, L-value and P/L ratio better than the 5-year average and the W value exceeding the 5-year average. However, overall average loaf volume is significantly lower than 2011 and the 5-year average.

A final report on the 2012 HRW crop will be issued in early October when all testing has been completed and data has been evaluated.

Harvest Summary
477 Final10.612.4 0.48 30.1 400 1HRW60.8 79.90.2 0.2 1.2 1.6 

Download a PDF of the Harvest Summary of HRW August 31, 2012