August 29th, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest is virtually complete in every state with the most notable exception being North Dakota which is not even half done (45%) and Idaho 85% complete. Rain continued this week across all the northern half of the US (the most northern areas received larger amounts) stretching from Washington to North Dakota, slowing the harvest of all wheat classes. It has been wet for so long and fields are so waterlogged in North Dakota, many of the HRW acres may never be harvested. There are numerous reports of wheat producers already making the decision to leave winter wheat until the spring wheat is harvested due to more quality concerns over the winter wheat crop due to excessive moisture and disease issues. Idaho is now 85% complete with harvest, where rain either shut cutting down completely or slowed it to a crawl. Idaho wheat producers are concerned about quality (and the diseases the prolonged wet weather may bring) if harvest is not completed quickly. Washington reported winter wheat planting was in progress in southern areas of the state while harvest was winding down in the northern areas.

While there have been another 43 samples collected/shipped to the lab this week only 8 more new samples were added to this week’s report. Accordingly, there was very little change in averaged data results. TKW and FN were completed on all 418 samples currently being tested, FN decreased by 2 minutes with no change in TKW. Overall average wheat moisture decreased by 0.1%, but was more related to rounding differences than an actual full one-tenth change.

Harvest Summary

Click Here to Download a PDF of The PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 29 2014