August 26, 2011

The 2011 HRW wheat harvest continues to roll in Washington with just over 60% of the crop now cut. Cooler temperatures in the spring (slowing plant development) has resulted in cutting now below the five year average of 82% for this time of year. Proteins are ranging from 9.5% to 13.2%, with a PNW average of 10.5% so far as reported by the Wheat Marketing Center for their early samples. A survey of handlers indicates HRW protein levels seem to be rising as harvest progresses with several reporting 11.5% to 12.0% plus protein. Test weights are higher this year vs. last, averaging 62 lb/bu, with some as high as 65 lb/bu. Falling numbers are reportedly in the 330 (sec) range. Yields are exceptional and well above average for most growers.

In Montana, winter wheat harvest is at 90% complete, with early quality results showing higher variability than normal. Average test weights are generally being reported at 60 lb/bu, but stripe rust has significantly affected the yield. Producers were hoping for extremely high yields due to the moisture, but disease appears to have affected large areas of production. Early samples show proteins averaging in the 12% range.

Average yields in North Dakota are now in the 40 bu/ac to near 50 bu/ac range, with some better yields reported on the later HRW harvest. Those yields are still below producer’s expectation for this year.

The Oregon HRW harvest continues, but very slowly. Lots of foliage and morning dews combined to delay daily starting until 10 am – 11 am in many areas. Wheat yields have been reported to be very good, including some in triple digits. It appears planting date and diseases have had a significant impact on yield.

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Harvest Summary

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