August 25th, 2017

The 2017 US HRW wheat harvest is all but wrapped up and should be finished by next week. North Dakota (95% complete), Washington (99% complete) and Idaho (98% complete) are the only states remaining that are still in harvest mode.

There are 481 samples now in the lab representing all production areas of HRW wheat in the US. There are still a few samples remaining from Washington, Oregon and Idaho yet to reach the lab, however all samples should be in by next week’s report. With now over 96% of the total expected HRW samples in the lab the overall average test weight moved up again this week from 60.6 lb/bu (79.7 kg/hl) last week to 60.8 (80 kg/hl) this week now slightly above the final overall test weight last year of 60.7 lb/bu (79.8 kg/hl). Thousand Kernel Weight also increased again this week by 0.4 grams from 31.0 grams last week to now averaging 31.4 grams. This continues to significantly exceed the 5-year average of 29.4 grams. Protein decreased slightly this week to 11.4%, but still exceeds last year’s overall average of 11.2% last year. Falling Number changed only slightly this week (upward) to 374 seconds, still indicating low enzyme activity and very sound wheat.

All data presented are simple averages of all samples tested and are not weighted for production. A final summary of data in mid to late September by Gulf and Pacific Northwest Tributaries will contain weighted data and an overall analysis of the crop including milling performance, dough functionality and bake test results.

Harvest Summary

Click link to download a PDF version of the HRW Harvest Summary August 25 2017