August 24th, 2012

The 2012 HRW wheat harvest is all but complete with only a few areas left in the Pacific Northwest. Washington is now 95% complete, Oregon is 90% complete and Idaho is 80% complete with Hard Winter wheat harvest. Yields continue to be reported as average to above average with the exception of isolated areas where hail earlier in the summer limited production.

Montana is now complete with Hard Red Winter wheat harvest with overall yields reported as average, but with extremes being reported (high and low). The same was true for protein reports, especially in southern and southwestern parts of the state and was related to hot dry weather during grainfill.

Kernel data this week includes partial samples from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. There was very little change in the overall average with test weight and protein not changing, an increase in TKW, a slight increase in dockage, with a slight decrease in moisture and falling number.

Next week’s report will include an overall summary of data for Gulf Tributary states and an update on additional kernel data from the PNW and Montana.

Harvest Summary
477 Final10.6 12.4 0.48 30.1 400 1HRW60.8 79.9 0.2 0.2 1.21.6 

Download a PDF of the Harvest Summary August 24th, 2012