August 22, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest is quickly winding down in South Dakota (91% complete), Montana (90% complete, Washington (94% complete), Oregon (97% complete), Idaho (75% complete) and Wyoming (95% complete). All these states saw rain or thunderstorms that slowed or completely shut down harvest during the past week. North Dakota also saw widespread rain over the past week (in excess of 5” in some areas of central and western parts of the state) which continues to slow harvest (29% complete) and add to concerns about quality. Excessive moisture after crop maturity has been a common theme during the 2014 harvest from Texas to the Canadian border.

With 410 of an expected 530 samples now in the lab many overall grade and non-grade factors continue to improve. The 2014 test weight 60.8 lb/bu (79.9 kg/hl) now exceeds the 5-year test weight average value of 60.7 lb/bu (79.8 kg/hl). S&B in the 2014 crop (0.8%) is significantly below the 5-year average (1.22%). TKW continues to exceed 30 grams (30.2 grams) and over 1 percentage point above the 5-year average (28.9 grams).

Dough and bake test to continue surpass recent crops with the 2014 W-value of 263 (10-4 Joules) exceeding the 5-year average of 244 (10-4 Joules). The overall average farinograph absorption (14% mb) is now 60.6%, significantly above the 5-year average of 57.9%, average development time is 6.4 minutes and the average stability time is 9.3 minutes. Loaf volume (873 cc) significantly exceeds the 5-year average (816 cc).

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Harvest Summary

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