August 21st, 2015

The 2015 HRW wheat harvest is winding down rapidly in all states having wheat left to cut. North Dakota (with the most left to cut) now only lacking 19% of their acres to be harvested. Hot dry windy weather continues in the PNW and Montana where harvest is 99% complete. Harvest started (and finished) well ahead of the 5-year average of only 70% of cutting normally complete by this date in Montana. As a general statement, 2015 was extreme on both ends of the scale in terms of yield and test weight. While many areas in the south were adversely affected by late growing season rains (and rust that extended into the northern Plains), areas of the high plains of Texas and Oklahoma, eastern Colorado, Kansas and western Nebraska benefited by those same systems that dropped rain, especially in terms of yield as they were earlier in crop development when the rains came. The result is most wheat buyers will be able to find the quality and quantity of wheat they need in this crop.

443 of an expected 530 samples are now in the lab and in various stages of testing. Average moisture dropped this week by 0.4 of a percentage point to 11.2% while protein and TKW did not change from last week and both, while lower than last year, are still well within acceptable ranges. FN increased slightly this week (396 sec to 401 sec) and TW increased from 58.9 lb/bu to 59.1 lb/bu (77.5 -77.8 kg/hl). Preliminary milling data should be available in next week’s report.

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary Aug 21 2015

Harvest Summary

*Partial Data