August 2, 2013

The 2013 HRW harvest is now winding down in northeast Colorado and western Nebraska while cutting is just now getting into full swing in South Dakota. All areas now cutting were slowed significantly this week due to wide spread rainfall and higher than normal humidity readings. This not only kept combines out of the field, but when they have been able to cut it has only been during limited hours.

Southeast Colorado elevators are now reporting the volume of grain they have received this year is less than 10% of a normal year. East central Colorado elevators are reporting they have received from 25% to 40% compared to a normal year and northeast Colorado elevator locations are reporting taking in 40% to 80% compared to a normal year. Yields in the western part of Nebraska have been extremely variable, but protein continues to average from 11.5% to 13.0% and test weights running from 57 lb/bu. – 65 lb/bu. (75.0 – 85.4 kg/hl). Early South Dakota reports are 30 bu/ac – 40 bu/ac (2.0 – 2.7 tons/ha).

With 365 samples now in lab for evaluation, grade and non-grade factors have changed only slightly again this week. As was reported last week, it now appears flour protein will increase significantly over 2012 and the 5-year average. Early bake test also look good with the loaf volume averaging significantly above 2012 and the 5-year average. Again, as was reported last week, all testing for mill/dough/bake properties to this point have been done on wheat produced in severely (drought/freeze) stressed areas of the southern/western parts of the central US.

Harvest Summary