August 1st, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest is now complete in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas with Colorado and Nebraska very near completion (both at 99%). Wyoming is now nearing the halfway point in their harvest with most of the irrigated acres yet to be cut. South Dakota is 25% complete with harvest and reporting over ¾ of the crop in good to excellent condition. Montana is now 11% complete with harvest and has reported limited losses due to hail. The Montana HRW crop is rated to be over two-thirds in good to excellent condition. Scattered rain storms have brought cooler temperatures and some hail damage to the PNW crop, but the rain had little effect on harvest progress this week.

Very good yields continue to be reported in western Nebraska 50-75 bu/ac (3.4-5.0 tons/ha) with large kernels as harvest comes to a close (these yields are twice those in a normal year for that area). Protein from within that region is averaging 11.5%

With 353 samples now in the lab protein dropped slightly this week to 13.5% as compared to 13.8% last week and an overall value of 13.4% in 2013. Average early bake test of all composite samples from Texas, Oklahoma and 2 composites from Kansas show very good protein functionality with an average loaf volume of 882 (cc). This compares to an overall Gulf Tributary loaf volume in 2013 of 868 (cc).

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Harvest Summary

*Partial Data