August 17th, 2018

HRW harvest progress in the states of Montana (71% complete), Washington (74% complete) and Idaho (74% complete) continues to move quickly. All other HRW producing states are 98% or greater complete.

Montana continues to report very good yields, very good test weight and very good protein. While protein reports in the southern areas are generally not as high as in the northern areas, the Montana Grain Lab is reporting that overall the crop is averaging 63 lb/bu (82.8 kg/hl) and 12.6% protein. HRW production in the eastern areas of Montana is extremely low as drought last fall (not unlike the previous 2 years) limited the number of planted acres.

Washington, Oregon and Idaho continue to report a very good crop with high test weights, but generally lower protein than other HRW wheat producing areas. For Washington specifically, average protein so far is 11.26% with test weight averaging 63.1 lb/bu (82.9 kg/hl).

There were only 3 new sample results to report this week, so kernel information has not changed from last week. However, mill/dough/bake results are in this week for a significant portion of Gulf Tributary states. Unweighted averages (for production) are very encouraging, flour yield (74.8%, 0.46 ash 14% mb), flour falling number 413 sec, farinograph (development time 5.7 min., stability 12.3 min.), alveograph, (W-value 277 10-4 J, 0.84 P/L ratio) and loaf volume (915 cc). Complete mill/dough/bake results are expected next week.


Harvest Summary

Click the following link to download a PDF of theĀ PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 17 2018