August 17th, 2012

The 2012 HRW wheat harvest is rapidly winding down as hot and dry weather was the dominate factor over the Pacific Northwest during the past week. Montana is now almost complete with winter wheat harvest as rain and cooler temperatures moved in over the last 48 hours. Yield reports continue to be average overall with producers generally pleased with the crop. The hot dry weather that hit Montana several weeks ago was late enough it had little effect on the winter wheat, but was likely a factor in spring wheat production.

Washington is now 75% complete with HRW harvest and reporting average to above average yields with the exception of southeastern Washington which had hail losses of up to 50%. The eastern third of the state is now winding down with harvest.

Oregon is now 78% complete with harvest and rapidly winding down. Very hot temperatures prevailed over the last week (100 to 105 degrees) which has move harvest along quickly. Good yields continue to be reported in all locations.

Idaho is now 68% complete with harvest overall with the southwest and south central regions winding down or complete.

There was no change in kernel data this week due to the time lag of sampling and testing of the Montana/ PNW crop. Samples have been collected and will be in the lab and tested early next week with partial grade and non-grade data being available for next week’s report.

Harvest Summary
477Final10.6 12.4 0.48 30.1 400 1HRW60.8 79.9 0.2 0.2 1.2 1.6

Download a PDF of the Harvest Summary of HRW August 17th, 2012