August 16th, 2013

Montana HRW harvest is progressing rapidly with the exception of the north central and northeastern areas where wheat is not yet mature. Much fewer acres of HRW were planted last fall in northeastern Montana so total production from that area of the state will be well below average. Additionally, as was stated last week, many areas (including those still not mature) were hit hard by hail storms that reduced yields by as much as 30% – 50%. The south central areas were hit very hard, now taking in only a fraction of an average crop.

North Dakota is now 25% complete with harvest with yields ranging from 20 – 50 bu/ac (1.3 – 3.4 tons/ha). The majority of the wheat now cut in North Dakota is located in the southern half of the state. While yields, protein and test weights are what producers in the region expected, they are much more variable than expected (was dependant on the variety planted (winter hardiness) and if they received July precipitation).

HRW harvest was delayed in Washington, and to a lesser extent in Oregon, due to precipitation, but is quickly winding down in both states. Idaho made significant progress this week with harvest, now at 76% complete. This is twice the 5-year average acres cut (33%) for this date.

Sampling is now complete in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota. Grade and non-grade factors did not change this week. Partial mill/dough testing now indicates an overall average flour yield of 76.4% which significantly exceeds the 2012 average of 75.2% and the 5-year average of 70.8%. The current overall average flour protein of 12.8% (14% basis) significantly exceeds the 2012 protein average of (11.5%) and 5-year average of (10.7%).

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Harvest Summary