August 16

Harvest of the 2019 HRW wheat crop is now complete in the central and southern parts of the US with only one of the remaining states to be harvested under 50% complete (Idaho 40%).  However, all remaining states now harvesting were hampered by at least some scattered rainstorms and high humidity causing late day starts and fewer hours of cutting.  Montana and Wyoming both continue to report very good yields, high test weights of well over 60 lb/bu (78.9 kg/hl), although recent rains have decreased those slightly.  Protein reports are mostly ranging from 11% to 12% with some as high as 14% plus.  North central Montana has also experienced extremely heavy rainfall resulting in flash flooding in some areas.  Rain late last week also limited harvest in most production areas of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

91 new samples (geographically ranging from northeast Colorado, northwest Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota) were delivered to the lab this week for cataloging and testing.  Protein increased as harvest moved into South Dakota, now at 12.3% with a range of 10% to 13%.   Overall test weight is now averaging (1HRW) 60.4 lb/bu (79.5 kg/hl) down from last week’s 60.5 lb/bu (79.6 kg/hl), overall average dockage increased 0.1% to 0.5%, overall total defects increased slightly this week to 1.4% (due to the 0.1% increase in S&B), TKW increased 0.3g this week to 32.7g and FN increased slightly to 377 seconds, up from 375 seconds.  Moisture increased 0.1% to 11.6%.  All other overall averages remained unchanged this week, including protein at 11.2%.


Harvest Summary