August 15th, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest continues to by well ahead of normal for this date in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Montana. Washington is now 87% complete with harvest (the 5-year average for this date is just over 50% cut on this date). Oregon is now 88% complete with harvest (the 5-year average is just over 70% cut by this date). Idaho is now 69% complete with harvest (the 5-year average is only 40% cut on this date). Montana is also well ahead of schedule with harvest (77% complete) exceeding the 5-year average by more than 20%. In contrast, South Dakota is slightly behind the 5-year average harvest percentage for this date at 83% of HRW now cut. Kernel data indicates the crop in South Dakota has very good test weight ranging from 61.3 – 63.7 lb/bu (80.6 – 83.7 kg/hl) and averaging 62.5 lb/bu (82.1 kg/hl). Protein has also been very good in South Dakota ranging from 11.4% to 13.5% and averaging 12.6%.

Dough and bake lab results continue to be impressive with all testing now being complete in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and southeastern Colorado. The average farinograph absorption (14% mb) is 60.7% (above last year’s 59.8% and significantly above the 5-year average of 57.9%), average development time is 6.5 minutes and an average stability time of 9.3 minutes. Loaf volume average is still very good (875 cc), this exceeds last year’s overall average of 860 (cc) and exceeds the 5-year average of 804 (cc).

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Harvest Summary

*Partial Data