August 14th, 2015

The 2015 HRW wheat harvest is rapidly winding down with North Dakota (61%) and Idaho (86%) being the only two states remaining at less than 90% of their crop cut. All states still harvesting have continued to report larger deviations than normal in yield, test weight and protein due to prevailing weather conditions during the latter stages of crop development. In the northern and northwestern states it was due to a drier and warmer than normal spring with what moisture that did fall doing so in a mosaic pattern. Those areas that got the timely rains proved to be the difference between being able to harvest average or above average yields as compared to those areas not receiving timely moisture harvesting poor crops (both also affecting protein).

Another 30 samples were collected and shipped to the lab this week (totaling 398 of an expected 530 samples) this includes samples and partial data from the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon and Idaho) and 27 samples from Montana. Overall data averages did not change for this week as all new samples are currently in transit to the lab.

Click link to download a PDF of the HRW Harvest Summary Aug 14 2015

Harvest Summary

*Partial Data