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Harvest Summary of HRW - August 12th, 2016

Favorable harvest conditions have pushed all HRW production areas with acres yet to be cut well over the 2/3 complete mark. North Dakota is now 80% complete and reporting average to above average yields and quality. The exception would be the southwestern portion of North Dakota where abandonment will be well above normal as those producers opted to bale and feed wheat hay after abnormally dry weather reduced available grass. Montana is now 95% complete with harvest and many areas reporting much better yields than were expected as harvest began. As reported last week some elevators are either not currently receiving HRW (opting to store higher value crops) forcing on farm storage or, as space becomes limited, are starting ground piles made up of lower protein wheat. Washington, Oregon and Idaho also had very favorable harvest conditions during the past week with almost every region now well above the 5-year average harvested acres for this date. Initial kernel data from those 3 states will be included in next week’s report.

There is little change in data averages again this week. The samples submitted from Montana were the only new samples this week in addition to completion of all samples currently in the lab for TKW. There are now 412 samples of an expected 530 in the lab in various stages of testing (385 included for FN). The only changes this week were in TKW (31.4 g), this is down slightly from last week (31.8 g), but still very good as an overall average for the crop. Protein increased from 11.1% last week to 11.2% this week. Very early (6 of 48 grainsheds) farinograph testing shows a development time composite average of 4.5 minutes and a composite stability time of 6.0 minutes. Additionally, average composite loaf volume at this very early point is 840 cc. This data is consistent with earlier evaluations indicating protein dilution, but good protein quality in this crop.

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*Partial (FN based on 385 samples)

Harvest Summary
Tst Exp MST Pro% DKG TKW FN Grade Test Weight FM DMG S&B DEF
412 530 11.3 11.2 0.6 31.4 395* 1HRW 60.6 79.7 0.2 0.2 0.9 1.3
FINAL 2015
499 Final 11.1 12.3 0.7 29.8 400 2HRW 59.3 78.0 0.1 0.4 1.2 1.7




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