August 12, 2011

The 2011 HRW wheat harvest is all but complete south of Montana with kernel characteristics improving and as harvest moved northward. Montana is now 35% complete (well behind the 5-year average of 51% at this time) with average (as expected) yields. Quality has been variable with test weights’ ranging from the upper 50’s to lower 60’s and proteins ranging from very high to well below average depending on location.

North Dakota is just now starting harvest after the necessary use of fungicides by many producers this spring/summer as a result of very wet conditions. Not enough of that crop has been cut at this point to get a trend on quality.

Washington made good progress over the last week with harvest, now indicating 25% complete with most harvesting being done in the southern and southeastern parts of the state. Early yields are reported above average.

Oregon is now 35% complete with harvest and is now underway in the Willamette Valley. Early yields indicate an above average crop (15% – 45% above) in east central areas of the state, while areas further east have been experiencing below average yields.

All test samples south of Montana are now in the lab and represent the 390 of 530 expected. The table data will not change until Montana samples are received and evaluated in the lab (later this month).

Download this Harvest Summary

Harvest Summary

View this PDF for visual test data from the 2009 harvest.