August 23

Harvest of the 2019 HRW wheat crop nears completion.  All states are either complete or are over 70% complete and are expected to finish in the next 10 days if dry weather returns and/or holds.  South Dakota is now 91% complete with harvest, Montana is 80% complete, Washington is 79% complete (however, Washington and Montana specifically continue to receive untimely rainstorms which continues to slow harvest).  Rain has not appeared to lower test weight and very good yields continue to be reported.  Protein reports by the industry in Montana while wide ranging in respect to minimums and maximums, are generally averaging between 11.5% and 12% (12% mb) at most locations.


No new samples were delivered to the lab this week, so there were no changes in most data.  However, testing continues on samples reported as (*partial) and some small changes are seen this week in those numbers, i.e. TKW decreased slightly from last week’s 32.7g to this week 32.4g and FN increased slightly from 377 seconds last week to 381 seconds this week.  No other kernel data changed this week including the overall test weight average remains (1HRW) 60.4 lb/bu (79.5 kg/hl), overall average dockage 0.5%, overall total defects 1.4%.  There are now 80 composites made from the 408 individual samples.  Farinograph absorption, peak time and stability are all lower than industry targets, however, loaf volume continues to be very encouraging and is above the industry quality target.


Sample collection is complete in Montana and those samples are in transit to the lab as are samples from  Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


Harvest Summary