August 2

The 2019 HRW wheat harvest continues to roll even with scattered rain delays.  Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are 100% complete with harvest, Colorado is 94% complete and Nebraska is 75% complete with mostly far western Nebraska left to be harvested (higher elevation).  The Wyoming HRW wheat harvest is just getting underway at 5% complete (lower elevations).  Harvest continues to move rapidly in South Dakota, now almost 1/3 complete with harvest and early rail shipment reports of protein in the 12% range.  Harvest continues to pick up speed in the Pacific Northwest with (Washington 33% complete), Oregon (48% complete) and Idaho (23% complete).

52 new samples (geographically ranging from northwest Kansas, northeast Colorado and western Nebraska) were delivered to the lab last Friday with official grade and some kernel characteristics being reported.  Overall data changed very little from last week; test weight average remains; (1HRW) 60.3 lb/bu (79.3 kg/hl), grain moisture dropped 0.4% this week to 11.5%, overall average dockage also dropped 0.1% to 0.4%, overall total defects is still averaging 1.4%, overall average protein dropped 0.1% to 11.2%.  The trend of lower protein was repeated this week in the wake of what continues to be very good crop yields resulting in a (protein dilution effect).  The Thousand Kernel Weight (TKW) continues to average (32.5g) and as stated last week, continues to significantly exceed the Gulf export 5-year average of 29.2g.

Harvest Summary