August 19, 2011

Wet fields in North Dakota continue to delay HRW wheat harvest. Yields in North Dakota have been extremely variable ranging from 30 bushels per acre to over 80 bushels per acre with most on the lower end of that range. Quality is reported to be just as variable with some reports of low test weights, scab and a wide range of proteins. In general, early maturing varieties have been yielding better than later maturing ones due to the impact of warm summer temperatures, generally wet conditions and heavy disease pressure.

Montana’s HRW is now past 75% harvested with yields averaging between 35 to 45 bushels per acre. Lower test weights are being reported across the state, but some extremely high proteins are also being reported (14% – 16%). Those fields with test weights above 60 pounds per bushel are generally reporting between 10.5% to 12% protein. Sawfly is beginning to be a problem (lodging) for producers that don’t have their wheat cut.

Washington and Oregon made significant progress (Oregon less so because of morning moisture) with their HRW harvest this week and are reporting above average yields in most areas with average quality due to heavy rust infestations this spring.

All test samples south of Montana are now in the lab and represent the 390 of 530 expected. The table data will not change until Montana samples are received and evaluated in the lab (later this month).

Download the Nebraska Harvest Summary

Harvest Summary

View this PDF for visual test data from the 2009 harvest.